Julep Maven Unboxing {July 2014}

Julep Maven Subscription Box July 2014 || WestStreetStory.com

Welcome to my newest obsession, nail care {and what is turning into an obsession of nail care with a Julep Maven subscription}! Up until the time I became pregnant with Laughton, I was a nail biter.  My nails were so bad, I was embarrassed to go and get a manicure {there wasn’t enough nail to mani or to cure}.  For some strange reason, my pregnancy with Laughton caused me to stop biting my nails and with taking prenatal vitamins they started growing fast and growing strong. When … [Continue reading...]

we won the lottery! {our adoption story}

The Waiting Begins SMALL

For those of you that may have opened this post because you think we are now millionaires from winning the lottery, I apologize.  But, we did win a lottery and because of it, will be much richer than a million dollars could ever provide. We won the adoption lottery! We are starting our adoption! A few weeks ago, we contacted Adoptions of Wisconsin (AOW) just to touch base with them again since it had been about a year from the time we had our initial meeting.  After that initial meeting a … [Continue reading...]

top ten things i do while on this hiatus {surviving infant loss}

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I have been on a hiatus.  A hiatus from working, cleaning, socializing, blogging, etc.  Which means, every day when Graham comes home from work he asks, “So, what did you do today?”  He isn’t asking because he is trying to hold me accountable for anything, but mainly just to make sure I am doing okay.  […]

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the meaning behind Laughton’s name {surviving infant loss}

Skagway Alaska Glacier Hike #alaska #glacier #hike

Monday morning, the start of a new week.  Most dread Mondays…the furthest point in the work week until the freedom of the weekend begins. I woke up disliking this particular Monday for so many reasons other than just being faced with another work week. For one, this past weekend, Graham and I buried Laughton and […]

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too beautiful for earth {surviving infant loss}

Surviving Infant Loss -- my story as I grieve the loss of my son born prematurely at 27 weeks

It has been three days.  Three days since our son, Laughton, made his appearance much sooner than expected.  Three days since he left us to be with God far too early. Today is the first day waking up since getting out of the hospital and when I did wake up, I quickly realized I didn’t […]

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25 Weeks Pregnant :: and I now have excessive amniotic fluid

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Well, as of today, I am officially 25 weeks pregnant!  Since my last update, we have had a fetal echocardiogram and another growth ultrasound {it is the first growth ultrasound since we found out about the enlarged ventricles in his brain and the arthrogryposis in his arms, so we were very anxious to see how […]

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22 Weeks Pregnant :: and if miscarriages are an emotional roller coaster ride, then this is a roller coaster ride when the lap bar isn’t secured


{photo via OnPoint USA’s Facebook page} I have now made a couple references to the emotional roller coaster ride that you can experience when dealing with multiple pregnancy losses.  And, over the past couple of weeks plenty of medical professionals have told us that the remainder of this pregnancy will be an emotional roller coaster […]

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20 Weeks Pregnant :: and after just 48 hours, our lives have a completely different path forever

Well, this was certainly not the post for this week that I thought I would be writing.  This week was supposed to be all about finding out Cletus’s gender, confirming that the subchorionic bleed was gone, and to be elated that our little one has made it this far so well.  Within 48 hours time […]

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19 weeks pregnant :: and the gender guessing game is in full swing!

Boy or Girl Gender Guess

For the most part, the 19th week of pregnancy has been “normal” {my definition of normal has certainly changed over the past four years….I think I have a higher tolerance for what would be considered in the “normal” category}.  I did have a small scare at the beginning of the week, but it all turned […]

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14 Weeks Pregnant :: and I feel like we have finally turned a corner

14 Week Ultrasound West Street Story

What I left you with in my update a couple of weeks ago wasn’t the most positive note!  And things were not getting better which is why I didn’t get an update posted last week as I had planned.  In fact, things were seemingly getting worse, and changing so rapidly, that I wanted to wait […]

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12 Weeks Pregnant :: and I am now familiar with the terminology “subchorionic bleed”

12 Week Ultrasound West Street Story Blog

The past three weeks have flown by!  I had every intention of publishing this pregnancy related update on Monday {when I turned exactly 12 weeks}.  I even had it all typed out and ready to go, just needed to put some finishing touches on things.  It was a really quick and easy post as there […]

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