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Welcome to West Street Story, I am so glad you are here!  West Street Story is a blog all about building our home and our family.  It features DIY, gardening, food, and photography goodies and allows you to follow our journey through infertility, pregnancy, and the loss of our infant son.

I started this blog in 2009 when my husband and I bought our first home together.  I wanted to share our story as we made this house our home.  It mainly started out as a way to show my mom {hi, mom!} what we have been up to in our house, and in our lives.  However, I have realized how much others love to learn {myself included}, so I aim to reach out to as many people as I can!

Why did I name the blog “West Street Story?”  Well, because our house is on West Street!  I do not know what I will do when we move.

Currently, I work from home creating wedding invitations for couples all over the world and the hubby works outside of the home full-time.  With that being said, we have to be very mindful with our expenses.  Although I want a beautiful home {insert swoon for all of the Better Homes and Garden pictures here}, we do not have an unlimited budget to do so.  However, with a little ingenuity and creativity, I am finding ways to make this house a home we LOVE and want to share my experiences with you, my reader.

Along with building our home, we have also been trying to build our family here on West Street.  You can read about our infertility journey, our pregnancy story, and our most recent struggles with the loss of our infant son.

Lastly, I recently started dabbling a bit in photography {mainly to create beautiful pictures for this blog, for my business, and to capture those special life moments} and am also learning to love the experimentation involved with cooking.  I would like to change my “black” thumb to a “green” thumb in my gardens as well.  This blog will be my sharing outlet for all things happening on West Street!


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I did not start this blog as a way to make money, but I have been blessed {in very small amounts, mind you}.  If nothing else, it allows me the ability to continue creating and sharing with you!

Why am I telling you this?

Well, because I have to.  Here is the FTC ruling:

But also because I want to be honest and  trustworthy.

I will not promote a product that I do not like myself, just for some extra  cash.

I choose which products/services to promote and which companies/small  businesses to work with based on what I think my readers would enjoy.

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