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Meet the Team Behind West Street Story 

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West Street Story is a blog site that gives you all information about decoration and gardening. We give you tips, advice and guides on how to have a beautiful interior and exterior décor. We want to see beautiful gardens that support the movement for clean energy in our homes. We invite experts in this field you give you practical solution on how to make gardening easy, fun and simple.

We focus on both modern and traditional homes. We also want to tell you how you can do gardening in your high-rise apartments. Who said gardening could only be done on the ground?

Full Guarantees for All Works

We have guarantee for our all works. Our expert team always provide best services.

Naturally Sourced Materials

All of our materials are collective from natural sources. We always take care of environment.

Full Design & Planning Service

We have full design and planing service for your home decoration with gardening.

Meet the Team behind West Street Story 

The team of experts that comprises this amazing team include

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Samuel Hadley

General Manager

A master holder in business administration oversees all the projects and innovations in the business.

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Martin Shem

Technical Adviser

Martin is a masters holder in strategic planning but with an undergraduate degree in architectural design.

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Helen Shanice

Customer Service Manager

The excellent customer service is under the able leadership of Helen, a Graduate holder in public relations.

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Petrol Shawn

Human Resource Manager

All the personnel and their welfare are under the human resource docket headed by petrol, graduate in Human Resource Management.

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Juliet Shaline

Head Of Operations

The fact that we can deliver services as desired is because of Juliet, who is an entrepreneur and a Masters holder in Business management.

Julia Gladney

Head Of Manager

Julia Gladney is head of manager and she has more then ten years of experience in gardening. Also she has a good management skills.

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